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***Official Black Monday Thread***


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EDIT-Dopey me placed this in the wrong thread, Should have been Senior Bowl thread. Too lazy to fix it. Yay, Mark Gastineau and Black Monday.


BTW, interesting story how the Jets "found" Mark Gastineau at Senior Bowl:

The New York Jets’ Nearly Overlooked Defensive Star Mark Gastineau Before the NFL’s First Female Scout Stepped In

by Tim Crean   on July 15, 2021
Today, New York Jets fans know Mark Gastineau as the talented and sometimes troubled all-time sack leader for the franchise and the REAL single-season sack record holder. However, before the NFL’s first-ever female scout stepped in, he was just a borderline NFL draft pick from a tiny college football program. 

That all changed when the Jets’ Connie Carberg got the assignment to pick an injury-replacement D-lineman for the 1979 Senior Bowl. After Gastineau’s impressive career, all Gang Green fans owe her a debt of gratitude. 


Connie Carberg started as a Jets receptionist and eventually became the NFL’s first female scout


Connie Carberg history with the New York football franchise goes back to a time before the “Jets” name existed. Her father, Dr. Cal Nicholas, was the team doctor for the New York Titans when Carberg was young, according to Sports Illustrated

The future scout left New York to attend college at Ohio State. It was there that legendary Buckeyes coach Woody Hayes took her under his wing, taught her more about her passion — the game of football — and encouraged her to pursue her football dreams. 

After college, she took a job with the Jets as a receptionist and worked as a secretary for the scouting department before the Jets officially made her the NFL’s first-ever female scout. 

It was in this capacity that the Jets asked her to pick a replacement defensive lineman for the 1979 Senior Bowl. 

Carberg gave Gastineau a spot in the Senior Bowl


The Jets’ coaching staff coached the Senior Bowl ahead of the 1979 draft. When defensive linemen Mike Stensrud from Iowa State bowed out with an injury, the Jets director of player personnel called Carberg back in New York and told her to find a replacement. 

After narrowing the field down to five candidates, Carberg told SI she then made a fateful decision: 

I decided to call them – no cell phones, so not as easy to get in touch. One was faster but small school. Most would be drafted in the fourth through seventh round. All were nice but one was loaded with enthusiasm and passion and ready to jump on plane immediately- it was a guy named Mark Gastineau. I didn’t know he’d be great but loved his attitude and his speed on film.

Gastineau, from the tiny East Central Oklahoma State program, did jump on a plane and played so well he was named the best D-lineman at the Senior Bowl. He also so thoroughly impressed the Jets staff that they couldn’t wait until the fourth round or later to select him. They used the No. 41 pick in the second round to grab the pass rusher.  



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47 minutes ago, Bless you....Thank you said:

From a Dolphins page


Einstein defined insanity as the act of doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result. That is exactly what it's like to be a Miami Dolphins fan. It's complete insanity. Add Brian Flores to the graveyard of coaches since Don Shula. I'm not saying Flores was a great coach. But he certainly wasn't terrible nor did he deserve to get fired. Flores managed to lead the Dolphins to their first back-to-back winning seasons since 2000 and 2001. So what's his reward? He gets a pink slip from owner Stephen Ross.

How bad is the Dolphins franchise? They haven't qualified for the playoffs since 2016. They haven't won a playoff game since 2000. They haven't been to an AFC Championship Game since 1992. They haven't been to a Super Bowl since 1984. They haven't won a Super Bowl since 1973. You get the picture. That's a lot of droughts. If you're a Miami Dolphins fan, you have two choices. You can either continue the insanity and believe the next coach will bring the team back to glory or you can return to normality and find something better to do on Sunday afternoons.

yeah i heard about this. which makes this even stranger. he must have something planed

i don't believe the BS about Harbaugh. he is going to bring in someone with experience and they get Watson too. i know he wanted Flores but he wants to go to Miami. give him a good coach and he comes.

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Any guesses at new Head man in Miami ? I don't think its Harbaugh.

Oh .. and if we haven't reached out to Flores yet for our DC role JD needs to be fired yesterday.

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10 hours ago, Dunnie said:

Any guesses at new Head man in Miami ? I don't think its Harbaugh.

Oh .. and if we haven't reached out to Flores yet for our DC role JD needs to be fired yesterday.

I'd be stunned if Flores would take a DC role here.  He probably has his sights set on getting another HC job.  And if he does want to return to being a DC, he'll probably just go back to work for BB and then become a HC the following year.

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