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retiring Keith Hernandezs #17

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I will never forget that Summer of 1983, as I was home from college working a construction job, and getting up in the wee hours of the morning in the middle of the June, and hearing on the radio that the Mets had traded for Keith Hernandez and saying out loud "wow, how did we ever get fortunate enough to make that happen?". 

That trade was the lynchpin to making the rest of the 80's happen and making sure Doc and Straw were relevant. Carter topped it off, but Hernandez was the engine.

The greatest baseball book I have ever read was "If at First", with Keith documenting every day of the 1985 season. I have read it at least 4 times now.


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9 hours ago, Maxman said:

Question:  What took so long for this? Total no brainer. I am shocked this hasn't been done already.

got this from the post 

It should be noted, for the record and out of fairness, that the decision to retire Hernandez’s number was reached by the Mets’ Hall of Fame Committee while the Wilpon family still owned the team, and Jeff Wilpon led that committee (the news was embargoed, even from Hernandez, so Jerry Koosman could enjoy the spotlight solo for a year). So was the decision, however tardy, to commission a Tom Seaver statue, which will also be unveiled this year.

but your right. he should have got this a long time ago

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They did delay Keith for a year due to the Koosman thing, and then you had Seaver passing as well as was noted.

But prior to Koosman, the Wilpons had a long-standing unwritten rule that only players who made the HOF (and made the HOF as a Met - hence Gary Carter's #8 not being retired) got their numbers retired. It was only around 2018 when David Wright retired, that they started to listen to the fans and considered loosening up the restriction.  

Keith should have had his #17 on the wall a decade or more ago.  After Keith, I'd like to see them retire #8, which is a no-brainer, and should already be done if not for the Wilpons' dumb rule. 

You could make an argument for down the road retiring #5 for David Wright and #45 for John Franco. 

Some people have even suggested #15 for Beltran, although I'd be on the fence about that one. If he did manage to make the HOF, I suppose its more likely.  

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