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The early 2020 Draft evaluation from a big Joe Douglas fan!!!

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I have to admit looking back I love 2021, but this one, oh man 2020 certainly seems like a stinker. 

Joe did not hit on a whole lot here and it seems hard to argue that Hall and Becton didn't make the team better but I think we all had hoped for 1 or 2 more guys to step up. Hell for Becton many would argue for another player all together but The Mims and Morgan pick was really trash for  this draft class. Thankfully the follow up was much better. And this draft coming up should continue the trend. 

Trash can award to Mims for making Stepehn Hill look good.

Full article at https://nypost.com/2022/01/16/mekhi-becton-denzel-mims-evaluating-jets-entire-2020-draft/

Round 1: OT Mekhi Becton (No. 11 overall)

Becton played just 48 snaps in the season opener against the Panthers before suffering a dislocated right knee cap. The injury required surgery and the Jets said they expected Becton back in four to six weeks. He did not play another down. There were issues with Becton in training camp where the coaches were unhappy with him. Becton has battled weight issues as a pro and the Jets clearly hope he matures and learns to be a pro during this offseason. Becton showed All-Pro potential as a rookie, but he must learn to control his weight and stay on the field if he is ever going to realize that potential.

“I think for him attacking this offseason and coming back in the best possible shape he can be in,” Douglas said. “I expect big things from him next year. We all want Mekhi back.”

Stop eating so may cheeseburgers bro!!! Could be great still but def is suspect. Its hard to be excited and assume he will get his weight under-control, he can do it but this is def a case of show me first. I still think good pick by Joe - its a crap shoot but damn not the way i imagined his career was going to go. Turnstile in off season didn't make me feel good either. Seems like Coach Saleh is not interested in playing him unless he gets it together.

Round 2: WR Denzel Mims (59)

Mims would like to forget his second season with the Jets. A bout of food poisoning in the spring cost him time in OTAs and the coaches and Wilson never seemed to trust him. Mims played in 11 games and caught just eight passes for 133 yards. He had no catches in the final four games. He also committed plenty of mental mistakes from penalties to running out of the back of the end zone on a potential touchdown. Mims has yet to score in his NFL career. This one feels like it is heading for a divorce. The Jets likely will shop Mims around the NFL draft, but it’s hard to see them getting much of a return for him.

Trash can!! What can you say, man is huge BUST. This guy mentally cant get into the game. What let down. Poor Pick. C'mon Joe what were you thinking??!!!

Round 3: S Ashtyn Davis (68)

Davis missed the first three games of the season as he recovered from a 2020 foot injury. He ended up playing in 13 games, starting 10. Davis had two interceptions and three passes defensed. Davis showed poor instincts and tackling ability. It’s hard to see the Jets counting on him to start in 2022. This was one of the picks they got from the Giants in the Leonard Williams trade.

I do not know why you go Safety here. Whatever his scouting reports said, he has not lived up to it. A couple times I thought maybe he was going to turn it around but he always seems out of place and missing tackles. This could have been a center  or something else we needed. We really need to stop with the safeties in the early rounds.

Round 3: DE Jabari Zuniga (79)

Zuniga spent most of the season on the practice squad. He played in three games and did get his first career sack. This one looks like a big miss.

YIKES - drafting is hard

Round 4: RB La’Mical Perine (120)

Perine appears to be a victim of the coaching change. He was a better fit in Adam Gase’s offense but never found a role in Mike LaFleur’s. He played just four games and had only eight carries. It was telling that even when the Jets had injuries at the position, the coaching staff turned to others.

This def seems like Gase thing - come to think of it I wonder how many of this guys were Gase guys that Joe brought in for the coach - maybe an easy scape goat but you have to wonder. Perine in the 4th compared to Carter in the 4th...im team saleh all day.

Round 4: QB James Morgan (125)

This was a wasted pick. Morgan was cut in training camp and made a brief return when the team had COVID issues at quarterback, but he has yet to play a snap in the NFL.

Round 4: OL Cameron Clark (129)

Clark suffered a season-ending neck injury in training camp that could end up being career-ending.

Yeah criticized alot on Jetnation, but I guess you don't know if you can have Mike white and J Johnson as your backs up at that point, but it def seemed like a poor move taking this guy but also taking a Qb here. Another swing and a miss by the big man. 

Round 5: CB Bryce Hall (158)

The best pick in this class, Hall started 17 games and was one of the Jets’ most consistent players. He proved he can be an NFL starting cornerback. A steal for Douglas in the fifth round.

PAY DAY!!great pick up


Round 6: P Braden Mann (191) 

Mann has been inconsistent. A left knee injury cost him seven games this season. He finished the year with an average of 45.7 yards on his punts.

Not a huge fan of the pick at all. Cant we just use an undrafted guy anyway idk. At this point I'm just glad the draft is over.

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Becton was a fat, lazy baby from the start.

His love handles had love handles.  Statements

that he had a great freshmen  year are pure myth.

The number of sacks and pressures allowed in

the limited snaps was very concerning.  the giant stiff's

feet would fall a sleep and he would resort to shoving

rushers rather working his feet like typewriter keys as Fant was doing

across the line.  Much smaller defenders, like Matt Milano saw Baby

Huey standing around doing nothing with his hands on his hips during

a play and took pleasure knocking the fat clown on his abundant *ss

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2 hours ago, slimjasi said:

The key to that draft not being a total disaster is Becton getting back on track. 

He had a very good rookie year. One year later, the narrative is he’s a lazy bust. The question is how accurate that narrative is. 

sure yeah if your number 1 pick busts that craps our your dreaft for sure1

I liked his rookie year alot but then the weight issues and injuries. Its not a narratvie that he was lazy. He was lazy and over weight and that stalled him up all year. 

I love Joe and think he pretty much has done excellent so far but This draft had alot of question marks of "just why"...

If becton makes it back in playing shape then its all good, I mean you cant hit on all draft picks but this draft class is very disappointing. 

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