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Mike Mayock Fired!!

David Harris

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2 hours ago, Hex said:

What makes you say that?

I mean, yea, technically all coaches have a lot of the say. But the GM runs the scouting systems, and all of that. So while Gruden might have had sway in everything, it was probably ultimately Mayock's move.

New Raiders GM Mike Mayock says Jon Gruden will have 'final say' on all personnel decisions

TOM SCHAD | USA TODAY | 7:27 am EST January 8, 2019

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New Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock said Monday that coach Jon Gruden will have the "final say" on all personnel decisions.

In an interview with ESPN at Levi's Stadium prior to the national championship game between Alabama and Clemson, Mayock said he has "zero problems" with Gruden, who has a 10-year, $100-million contract, as the ultimate decisionmaker. But he added that they will always try to agree before making any moves.

"I think we're going to come to a consensus, and I like a little yelling, a little screaming, a little fighting for what players you believe in," Mayocktold ESPN. "But at the end of the day, I guarantee you, Jon Gruden and I are going to know what a Raider looks like and smells like. I don't think we're going to have any issues."

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21 hours ago, WestCoastMole said:

Douglas only has 2 Drafts under his belt and has 4 more Seasons left on his contract. If the Jets go 8-9 and stay in the play-off hunt until Week 15 next year Douglas gets no heat at all.

That's a rosy outlook in a strong division being in the playoff hunt in week 15. They better beat New England, Miami and Buffalo at least once each next season to get to that. He needs to hit home runs in this draft and FA class otherwise the Joe Douglas watch is on. No getting around that. He actually has 3 seasons left on his contract as I understand it.

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3 hours ago, section314 said:

Heard they're talking to Kiper.

If Kiper ever becomes a GM it will be hell for that team for a few years. Kiper sucks at mock drafts, so imagine real drafts

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6 minutes ago, Hex said:

If Kiper ever becomes a GM it will be hell for that team for a few years. Kiper sucks at mock drafts, so imagine real drafts

Would be awesome TV though. Him and McShay doing their thing after every Raiders pick?  Would be classic.

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23 hours ago, NYJets43 said:

Mayocks first round picks were horrible, but his mid/late round picks were great. 

First round picks 

Clein Ferrell

Jonathan Abrams 

Josh Jacobs

Damon Annette 

Henry Ruggs

Alex Leatherwood 

Also drafted 

Maxx Crosby 

Hunter Renfroe

Bryan Edwards 

Travis Mohring

Rumor has it that Gruden heavily influenced the first round picks 

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On 1/17/2022 at 7:55 PM, Cut Jet Penalty Makers said:

Warning to Joe Douglas...3 to 4 drafts is about what you get now in this league to turn it around...this draft better produce several impactful starters and the FA's have to be playmakers...and these players need to stay on the field...that's part of the evaluation and where the goalposts are for GM's in 2022. There can be no repeats of the 2020 draft.

i suspect maycock got some heat from gruden being fired for being a schmuck. 

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