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Connor Hughes: Jets unlikely to re-sign Maye

Scott Dierking

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it was such a bad idea to try and build a championship caliber team from the secondary in-I could not believe at the time folks bought in to that nonsense-sadly now some folks are talking about how the jets need to draft a secondary guy round one-like we literally never learn our lesson

This is an offense driven league. Joe should go WR oline and tight end early-you can find decent secondary guys all of the time through FA


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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

I mean, how high was his value really?  4th round pick, maybe?

Not even.  Teams don't trade much in the way of draft picks for the privilege of negotiating a new contract for a 30 year old safety with an injury history.

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2 hours ago, undertow said:

Then he should have been traded when he his value was high.

He had no value.  He was on an expiring contract then got injured.  An injury that can affect his ability to play his position.  
We can’t just snap our fingers and have everything happen as if we’re in a vacuum.  You’re not getting a 2nd for a slightly better than average S, on a one year tag deal for $10M and a career threatening injury.

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19 hours ago, Sonny Werblin said:

The Jets secondary survived playing the 6th and 7th options this past season. No way JD commits that kind of draft capital for S.

I don't view Hamilton as a straight up safety.  He's a true hybrid that can ball almost anywhere.  having that flexibility might persuade me to grab him at 4.  I don't think he's going to be there at 10.

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