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New Uniform Variation?


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3 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

What every year changing back?  This is another horrid uniform thrown out by some fan who doesn’t like like the current uniform.  Added striped sleeves that don’t look good and changed the helmet logo that we all like. Wow.  

We’re not switching every year and certainly not to these

so thats all he did? lol im looking at it and saying we already have black uniforms.

i knew i shouldn't have come in another stupid uniform change thread.

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I personally feel less is more with football jerseys. Could go either way on the black but imagine that simple, clean general jersey design would look nice in the green and white jerseys too.

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We will always need a uniform thread until we get something good.

I can’t bare to look at the current ones, and can’t believe the organization actually paid to have this work done.  

The helmet logo… I can’t even.

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