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The Meatloaf is done………


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TMZ reporting he died of COVID. 

The singer's manager, Michael Greene, confirmed Meat Loaf died Thursday night. Sources with knowledge tell TMZ ... he was supposed to attend a business dinner earlier this week for a show he's working on -- "I'd Do Anything for Love" -- but the dinner was canceled because he became seriously ill with COVID. Sources tell us that condition quickly became critical.

Our sources say Meat Loaf has been outspoken about COVID, railing with folks in Australia recently about vaccine mandates. We do not know if he was vaccinated.

Greene added that Meat Loaf's wife and 2 daughters were by his side when he passed away.



He would do anything for love, but he wouldn't get vaxxed!

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3 hours ago, HighPitch said:

He had a heart condition, asthma was obese and 74.

So he died of covid.

That debut album is quite a classic. Really really good writing, performing and vocals. RIP big guy.


His daughter is married to scott from anthrax

Im blasting that album right now!!!!! When i saw him at St Johns U, the album was new. He clearly was too big for that gym.  That album exploded and the promoters knew they booked too small a venue. 

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