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*** NFL Gameday 01/22 ***


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2 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

I always root for the teams who have either never won it all before or haven’t won in a million years. 

I’m very happy for the Bengals fans. They have suffered quite a bit, much like us and arguably even more than us. 


The Bengals history is soooooo similar to the Jets also, which makes it easy to identify with and emotionally invest in them.


They found their guy.  I hope ZW is ours…

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3 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

Herbert would be the other guy, but your order is very reasonable 

Herbert, imo, is a level below these other guys.  Has not won big games like the other guys.  Had a chance the last week of the season to win and get in, and he couldn't get his team over the hump.  Lost 3 of their last 4 this season. 

Other 3 guys are ahead of him, until he wins a big game.

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6 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

If you were starting a franchise today. Mahomes, Allen ( kills me to admit this) and then… Burrow. Am I far off? Maybe I’m missing someone obvious but still, he’s that good. 

And they're all in the AFC....something the Jets need to look forward to for the next 10+ years. 

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