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Major Life Events Since Last Jets Playoff Game


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6 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:


Parents retired and sold the house I grew up in. Before they moved out I put hidden cameras in all the bathrooms to grow my online content library at www.poophub.com

I got married. To a guy from El Salvador. He got his green card. I got a butt plug.

Had two kids with my he-wife. 13 more with my baby mommas.

Lost some hair. Sold it for wig making to pay for meth. 

Changed jobs 4 times. I am now the assistant to the manger at Dumper Mifflin.

That’s the American Dream

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All 4 of my kids graduated from college. 

Three got married and one is imminent. 

All moved out and off the payroll. 

One granddaughter.  

The last 3 living parents/in-laws passed.  

Been to Italy 5 times.  Spain Switzerland Germany Austria Belgium Netherlands once each.  

Got engaged. 

Helped build a fintech startup. 

Golden Retriever died.  Bought a mini-golden. 

Bought new Harley and a new roadster.

Bowel resection to cure diverticulitis, best thing I ever did.

Checked off a massive bucket list item. Went cage diving with Great White Sharks in Isla Guadalupe Mexico for 5 days.  

Changed up my Bolognese recipe. Cooking more Asian food. And Indian. 

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Got married. Worked one job for five years. Now on next job for five years. Cat died. Learned to ski. Got concussion skiing. Hernia operation. Got the band back together. Got COVID. Still alive waiting on Jets for final reward! 

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Accepted first post college job.

Graduated college.

Applied to grad school, got in, didn’t go, applied to grad school, got in, didn’t go.

Changed jobs.

First gray hairs.

Went back to old company.

Decided to change careers.

Rescued a dog.

Went back to school to take prerequisites to apply to grad school (a different version this time).

Lost second to last living grandparent.

Got married.

Got a puppy.

Bought a house.

Finally started grad school.

Welcomed our first child.



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I’ll play.

2nd kid born.

2nd major knee surgery.

sold condo, bought house in burbs.

last two grandparents passed.

Freelance job count: 30+ And counting 

got a dog

going grey. 

purchased vacation rental.

received 3 blow jobs from wife. 


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First thing I did after our last playoff game was drive home from Pittsburgh.

After that I turned 50. Became a grandfather.  Then turned 60.

Rotator cuff surgery, 3 colonoscopies, 4 broken ribs and a concussion.

Went to the Rose Bowl, Super Bowl and a World Series game.

And the Dawgs won a National Championship -- so anything is possible.

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2010? Geez feels like an eternity ago. 

Got a dui as a stupid college kid which really helped me grow up and focus on priorities 

graduated college

Worked in a few different industries and finally found my niche a couple years ago

got married

moved down south

bought a house 


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