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*** NFL Gameday 01/23 ***


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2 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

How many coaches in the league would have called a draw on that 3rd and 20?

It is still often the correct decision.

It’s what the Jets should have done in Pittsburgh on 3rd and 17…

I do like Brady’s intentional underthrow on a deep ball to get a PI flag, though.  That works on 3rd and long…

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Just now, Untouchable said:

When will Jets fans ever learn?

20+ years of watching Brady pull off comeback after comeback and you guys are already ruling him out down by 14 in the 1st half?

I don;t see many people ruling them out.  Saying they are playing poor or being out played is not writing any one off.

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5 minutes ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

That game was a self destruction combined with multiple brain farts more than it was Brady. Please.  If the Falcons did nothing but take knees in the 4th quarter they win that game. Seriously

Brady has had a few comebacks in his NFL career, not just that one.

Can't ever rule a Brady team out. Got to keep scoring and keep the pressure on.

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