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Tom Brady will win the MVP

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He kicked father time's ass and led the league in passing yards, completions, and touchdowns. Was 2nd in QBR only behind KAaron Rodgers. Did this all at 44 years old. Almost pulled off another epic come from behind victory in the playoffs vs the Rams after digging out of a 27-6 hole.

I don't care about your feelings towards him. He's winning the MVP. 

Will he retire? I don’t think so, but I'd not be shocked if he did. 

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Few counterpoints.

MVP doesn't include playoff performances.

MVP doesn't care about age.

Rodgers had equally amazing stats on the season.  Less yards, but the TD:INT ratio is mind-boggling even though it's perfectly normal for Rodgers.

Honestly, if not for the COVID nonsense, I think Rodgers would be the front-runner.  But that might knock him down just enough in a few voter's minds that it does go Brady's way.  In any case, they were both MVP-worthy seasons.  Can't really go wrong here.


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6 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

No way Rodgers gets it. It would take away from what that award means. 

Rodgers was "best player A" this year on a fairly above average roster.

Tom Brady was "best player B" this year on a super team. 

It's not even close. 

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7 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

Brady's team wasn't "Super" all season. 

Brady +

4 Pro Bowlers

3 First Alternates

5 Second/Third Alternates

Rodgers +

2 Pro Bowlers

1 First Alternate

3 Second/Third Atlernates


Brady is literally playing with TWICE as many Pro Bowlers. 

Cmon man. 

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NFL MVP race: Is Tom Brady being overlooked? Making the case for the Buccaneers quarterback

By Tyler Sullivan Jan 6, 2022

MVP chatter is hot in the streets these days, which is fitting as we are coming to a close on the 2021 regular season in the NFL.

Currently, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the betting favorite to win the award for the second-consecutive season. While you can most certainly make a strong case for the Green Bay star -- to the chagrin of some voters -- there's a pretty good argument to be made that Tom Brady is the rightful heir to the MVP throne for this season.

It's not hyperbole to say that the Buccaneers quarterback is in the midst of one of the greatest seasons of all time. Already, he's thrown for the third-most completions in a season in NFL history and -- if keeps on his 311 passing yards per game pace -- he'd slot in No. 3 all-time for the most passing yards in a single season. Sure, you can ding that latter achievement a bit for the extra game being added in, but Brady also leads the league in almost every meaningful statistic amongst his peers this season. Entering Week 18, Brady has more completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns than any other quarterback this season, including Rodgers. 

As it specifically relates to the Packers signal-caller, Brady has nearly a thousand more passing yards than Rodgers at the moment. While Rodgers does have the edge over Brady in two key categories -- completion percentage and interceptions -- if you peel those numbers back a bit further, Brady does gain a little ground. 

He's tied with Matthew Stafford for the most dropped passes this season (34) and the Buccaneers quarterback had a drop percentage of 6.9% that ranked 12th among quarterbacks (min. 50% of dropbacks), per Pro Football Focus. That includes a league-high eight dropped passes in the end zone (h/t Steve Palazzolo of PFF). When you look at Rodgers, his drop percentage is 4.1%, which is the third-fewest among qualified QBs. While Brady has more interceptions (12), it comes as the quarterback has dropped back 157 more times than Rodgers this season. Not to mention a few of those picks were tipped off the hands of Brady's intended target. 

To move away from the nitty-gritty of parsing through stats, however, Brady has also put together multiple signature moments this season. Back in Week 3, he became just the second quarterback in NFL history to pass the 80,000 passing yard threshold and then surpassed Drew Brees for the all-time record just a week later. He also became the first quarterback in NFL history to reach 600 career touchdown passes in the regular season and later passed Brees again to become the NFL's all-time completions leader. 

Of course, those mile markers Brady crossed to make NFL history don't automatically warrant MVP votes. They are merely cherries on top of the overall MVP argument. His true most-valuable moments have come in do-or-die scenarios during the Bucs season. 

Back in Week 14, Brady threw a 58-yard game-winning touchdown pass in overtime to Breshad Perriman to beat the Bills, which was also the 700th touchdown pass of his career (including playoffs). 

Just last week, Brady orchestrated a game-winning drive that traveled 93 yards on nine plays to beat the Jets. What made that drive even more impressive was Brady was effectively playing with no-names as the Buccaneers were missing a number of key starting pass-catchers. Brady was completing passing to the likes of Cyril Grayson (career practice squad player) and Tyler Johnson (2020 fifth-round pick) to earn the team's 12th win of the year.

You put any other quarterback in that situation and you're probably getting a different result, which further hammers home Brady's historic value to the Buccaneers. To reiterate, Rodgers certainly has a claim to the MVP this season. However, it's just not as strong as Brady's as we enter the final week of the regular season. 

Oh yeah, did we mention that Brady is doing all this at 44 YEARS OLD?! Feels like that is worth a few extra points in his favor.


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3 hours ago, playtowinthegame said:

True but I wanted to include that just to illustrate how impressive he's been at 44 years old. 

KAaron Rodgers is a douchebag...just thought I'd throw that in here too. 

And Brady's not . 

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7 hours ago, UntouchableCrew said:

Seems like Rodgers will win unless media types are swayed by the Covid/liar stuff. Rodgers certainly hasn't done himself any favors in that regard.

Rogers needs to start doing the Brady salary cap bypass trick to preserve his legacy. 

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5 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

Who cares?  They should just change the name of the award to "QB on a playoff team with the best season statistically."   Cooper Kupp had a season for the ages and is the MVP, but he of course won't get it.  

Agree 100%. I can’t recall any receiver that won the triple crown and he should definitely be right there in conversation 



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5 hours ago, Hal N of Provo said:

Lol @ ESPN for putting QBR on everything like it’s meaningful 

Not a fan of clutch throws in the 4th quarter whilst trailing by less than 7 points on the road in bad weather after testing positive for Covid within the last 2 weeks? 

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10 hours ago, playtowinthegame said:


He kicked father time's ass and led the league in passing yards, comple

Lets try and put our history with this man aside.... 44 years old. 20 what, 3 years in the league? 

Fcking insane. He threw for over 5k... in his 40s. 43 TDs... 

No one will touch this. In any sport. 

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