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Sean Payton leaves Saints


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6 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:

Giants should call him at least 

he would hang up on them.

he wants to go somewhere where he can win a SB, otherwise he would still be in NO. 

he will be in Dallas next year.

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13 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

For all he did for NOLA, he left them in a real sh*tty situation. 

He wasn't the GM

Wonder what it would take to get Michael Thomas from them right now. Under contract at very reasonable numbers (relative to his worth on the open market, and only to an acquiring team that wouldn't have the signing bonus proration), not a great relationship with the team, coming off an injury and on a team in need of a total rebuild.

I'd offer a 4th round pick (108) and a 2023 6th that can escalate in tiers up to a 2nd depending on games played, stats, and honors (would have to be an All-Pro for it to be a No. 2)

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This year was really taxing on him. He might have left the Saints in a really crappy position, but I don't know many coaches that could lead a decimated team with no QB to a winning record and have the mental stability to handle another season of crap. I would retire too if I was in that situation.

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