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How many NFL owners will actually be willing to trade for Watson?


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1 hour ago, JiFapono said:

Never said that or anything close to it.  I was just asking questions because I was seeking to understand.  Anywho, that place was definitely linked to a large sex trafficking ring.  Just confirmed it on the google. 



I know you weren't saying that.  Some people are.

I looked at an article too.  Seemed to me that it was being investigated, but not confirmed.  Obviously sex trafficking is bad.  We'll never know, but the difference between Kraft knowing and not knowing is not insignificant.

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1 hour ago, ZachEY said:

This is my material understanding of Watson "not working."  Let me know if/where I am wrong.

Watson stated he will, in no uncertain terms, play for the Texans again.

The news on Watson came out.

The Texans signed Tyrod Taylor and drafted Davis Mills.

The Texans make Watson, who, again, said he would not play for them, and never publicly changed that tune, inactive for every game in 2021.

The Texans pay Deshaun Watson 10.5 million dollars to be inactive every game this season.

As of today, no team has been willing to trade for Deshaun Watson.


So, with that said, where is the crime?  Watson doesn't want to play of the Texans and the Texans don't want Watson to play for them, still, they've fulfilled their contractual obligation to him.  Is the crime that no team wants to trade for him and meet that asking price for the risk?  That's a big ask of any GM, and not far from the Kaepernick situation.  No owner wanted to bring that media attention to town.  And before you say, Watson > Kaepernick, of course that's true.  But, Kaepernick's crime and cost were far less.  Watson you need to invest a minimum of 2 first round picks (probably more) and 35 million dollars to have him as your starting QB next year.  So, you can take whatever stance you want, but in reality, there's 31 other NFL teams, many of which already have QBs, so there's maybe, what 5 owners and GMs in play here, and one of them has to say he's worth 35M and our entire future.  It's certainly understandable if no one green lights that.

cant argue with what your saying. he doesnt want to play for the Texans, but this case looming over him is preventing other teams from trading for him.

i was just checking out that guy from "that 70s show". he got accused in 2017 of raping of 3 women. that was in march of 2017. they charged him 3 years later and they're going to trail this Aug. he hasnt worked for 5 years. now if hes guilty then good for that bastard. but if not he just lost 5 years of his life. 

but this is all a mute point now. i just checked his contract. he no longer makes 10.5 mil. 2022 starts his new contract at 35 mil and a cap hit of 40 mil. the Texans cant still sit him and pay that kind of money. they got to trade him. but at a reduced cost. 

the sad part is the Texans didnt do anything and they get hurt the most. 

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