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Happy Birthday Coach


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56 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Seriously, the guy makes $5 million/yr, has 6 kids, a lovely wife and gets to coach professional football. Does he really need a bunch of shlubs on a message board to wish him a HBD?

We as you know are a very classy bunch here…so yes

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There's something about Saleh that I really like. He certainly has conviction in whatever his plan and process is and I can respect that. 

He certainly has the mindset and personality to connect with this generation of players.

Now let's see if he's got the chops to get it done as a Head Coach.

Usually, after a bad season (or even a bad ending to an otherwise good season) I have a tendency to lose faith in Jets coaches going back a long time.

I knew Gase wasn't the guy after Week 1 against Buffalo (his first game) because all the complaints the Dolphins fans had about him over the 3 years he was there reared its ugly head in that game.

I knew Bowles wasn't it when he lost to Rex with the playoffs on the line.

Lost faith in Rex during the Butt Fumble Thanksgiving disaster.

Mangini was screwed over but even with Favre's injured bicep, that collapse after 8-3 was enough to say he wasn't ever going to be the guy.

Herm's teams always played hard and I can't pinpoint a moment where I said this guy ain't it, but you just kind of always knew he wasn't going to win a championship.

I haven't lost faith in Saleh yet and give him credit for having the balls to say "hey we're going to play all rookies and have them coached by all rookies and grow together." New York is not the best market for that approach but he's standing by it so let's see what happens.

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1 hour ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

Awesome. What a thing to aspire to.

We should be fighting for a wildcard spot, which is like middle of the pack, with what we’ve been through, it is an improvement…

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Happy Birthday, Bobby. Glad to hear things are finally going well on the home construction. It was great catching up with you on the phone earlier today.

I will catch up with you at the Combine.

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