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Semi-lame Troll Effort: Adam Gase paid by woody and Ross to lose games


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2 hours ago, nycdan said:

This is going to be locked very shortly unless some sort of legitimate link magically appears.

I had what I think was a better idea. Just a little more truth in the title.  Have fun with it.

For exampe: it occurrs to me that paying Gase to lose games is like paying a dog to bark at squirrels.

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4 hours ago, JTJet said:

What is BSPN? 

Am I just lost here?

It used to be this Sports network that was semi-enjoyable 25 years ago when the likes of Rich Eisen, Stuart Scott and Dan Patrick were the main anchors.

Then it turned into a cesspool of sh*t that was more interested in making politics and tired ‘Anchorman’ jokes the main staple of the network.

A time that time forgot, if you will.


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