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Apparently this is my Yellowstone


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On 2/22/2022 at 12:44 PM, Dcat said:

start a NYJ RV caravan with @GREENBEAN.  Maybe it will grow as you guys roam from town to town.  Just like Forrest Gump running across the country, only this time with Jets fans following you.  

Actually, that would be more like The Walking Dead.


hahaha. A bunch of yawning RVers with marinara stains on our shirts talkin Jets.   Or maybe that's just me. ??‍♂️?

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On 2/21/2022 at 8:55 PM, Maxman said:

This company has reached out to us a few times asking to buy the site. This time he says give me a number. I say the site isn't for sale but feel free to give me a number. Instead, he responds with send me your website data and financials details. Well two problems with that 1) we don't have financials and 2) the site isn't for sale.  

Anyhow this was my response back.


This was a cold pitch that you made. I am not going to just put that info out there.

The site isn’t for sale, just had our 17 year birthday. This is my Yellowstone. Not going to give up an inch of land.

Should I pass though, feel free to reach out to my kids.  



Love it.   Good for you man!   Staying strong!   Do we have any issues with the local tribe though?  That could get sticky I've seen... ya know....on Yellowstone! ?

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