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"The Boys" Mafia - Season 2 - GAME OVER, CONSPIRACY WINS

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1. NO CHARACTER REVEALS. Role reveals are fine, but do not reveal or hint at your characters please. No quoting or screenshots of role PMs either obviously. If you have any questions about any of this, please PM me first.

2. I will count unbolded votes but please bold them just so its easier. Unvoting is not necessary to change your vote, I'll just count whichever vote came last. But again, easier for me to keep track if you unvote.

3. Failure to reach a majority by deadline will result in a Random lynch.

4. GFY, EAD, etc. etc.


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1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Haven’t looked at my role PM yet but I’m gonna go ahead and claim that I am unlynchable, bulletproof and indestructible.

About as believable as you claiming there’s not a 2004 Victoria Secret mailer still spackled between the mattress and box spring of the twin bed you slept in growing up.

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1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I'm at my kids baseball practice right now and it's like catching the ball has been erased from his brain. Can't catch a simple throw let alone a fly ball. Maddening. I'm beginning to wonder if he's 80's kid.

B*tch, I’m a tremendous athlete, and my future kid(s) will be even better. 

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