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"The Boys" Mafia - Season 2 - GAME OVER, CONSPIRACY WINS

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4 hours ago, JiFapono said:

Pretty sure it was my hard line of questioning that brought this unfortunate news to the table and shame on your for making light of our sexy little green peens horrible situation.  


Vote Cock

how dare you GIF


Sir - I am the one who called him to the carpet for not bothering to show up. You just rode my coat tails.

If y'all need to feel internet offended over a joke that was intended to mock myself feel free. You are righteous AF.


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On 3/8/2022 at 11:11 PM, Pac said:

I just had to re-read 4 pages to find out who "gsexy" was. 

This game is an abomination.  Not one iota of actual game content discussed.

It's the Boys..  I'm sure the game is rife with power roles which is why you prissy bitches might be scurred to engage.

I want to fight you all.

Unvote Vote Cock as he hasn't even pretended to be interested in the game.  My son is every bit as unathletic as yours (probably more) and I just painted my downstairs bathroom but you don't hear me talking about that sht.

From what Ive seen/heard about Pac, this seems towny. I don’t think he’s good enough to be scum and fool anyone. I wanna kill him but only because he is Pac. Open to hearing opinions on this thought. 

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1 hour ago, jvill 51 said:

It had been over a week since Raynor’s head blew up in their faces, and the Boys paranoia was starting to get the best of them. No one could explain how it was even possible; no Supe that they knew of had that power.


Accusations flew. Weapons were drawn.


“**** it, let’s just kill Pac,” they said. “Even if he didn’t do it, he’s Pac.”


“That’s not a bad point,” the group agreed.


”Wait!” Shouted Drums. “What about Stormfront?? Isn’t she a secret Nazi? Maybe she can pop people’s skulls like a balloon!”


The finger pointing continued. On and on they went, each accusing the other of being a Nazi. They settled on Barry. 5 members of the crew had their weapons pointed.


”**** this sh*t,” said Cock. “If I’m going out it’s not going to be by your hands.”


Storm clouds gathered. Thunder rang from above. And a bolt of lightning streaked down from the sky and struck the tip of Cock.







BARRY aka STORMFRONT - SUPE NAZI has been lynched.


It is now night

Nazi Cock 

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The Boys could not believe their luck. After a meandering Day 1 somehow led to the death of a Supe, they celebrated their fortune deep into the night.


As the drinks flowed, one by one they fell into a slumber. All except Frenchie, who vowed to keep watch. He remembered what happened the last time he took his eye off the ball. It haunted him to this day...


The moon was low in the sky now, dawn fast approaching. "Looks like an uneventful night," thought Frenchie.


He went to wake the others, his shift was done.


"Mon frère , it is almost day."


Hugh opened his eyes. One second Frenchie stared back at him. The next --




Frenchie's head spontaneously combusted, brain matter splattering Hughie right in the face.


They may have took out the Super Nazi. But there was still work to do. And no one was safe




DRUMS aka FRENCHIE - VANILLA TOWN has been killed.


It is now Day.

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