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So who now?


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3 hours ago, xJayce said:

You're only disappointed if you expected to be able to bring in premium players during FA... It's been said multiple times not to even look at FA until after the tags are done.

Teams will overbid on remaining talent, which is generally second / third tier players (with the rare exception of a Marcus Williams here and there). Either JD gets into a bidding war for a decent player, and the people will complain he over-spent (especially for a 4-13 team, not quite the destination athletes are looking for unless it's a huge paycheck), or he looks for value, and people we complain that he didn't bring anyone good enough to help.

Hence the 'build through the draft for premium positions' approach.

On us being 4-13 and players not wanting to come here I thought a “winning culture” wasn’t important? More important to lose for higher picks? 

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25 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

On us being 4-13 and players not wanting to come here I thought a “winning culture” wasn’t important? More important to lose for higher picks? 

Not sure I get what you're trying to say?

I'm saying it's harder for a 4-13 team to attract prime talent through FA than say a super bowl contender. If salary options are equal, I firmly believe most players will gravitate towards that team with the best chance to win. Was that not coming across in what I wrote?

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5 hours ago, football guy said:

My opinion differs a little bit from what I think the Jets plan is.

I would improve the OL via FA to the best of my ability—even if I had to pay a premium—by signing veteran OL + make Zach Ertz an offer he can’t refuse in FA, and sign a few veteran DBs. I get overspending is considered weak in front office circles, but you have to read the room… it’s OK to overspend on the right players. For instance, Maccagnan was mocked for how he went about the CJ Mosley negotiations, and while a lot of unlucky things happened since, the guy is truly an elite player who is worth the money when on the field. You couldn’t foresee the groin injury or the Covid opt-out which is unfortunate, but when signing him he never had any real injury problems, a team leader, and a stud on the field… worth the money. I can credit Maccagnan for that single transaction while being critical of countless others. Finding a balance is what’s most important. Not every deal is going to work out, but it’s a matter of taking calculated risks (also, it’s worth pointing out that this year’s overpay is next years fair deal in the current salary cap landscap…)

Then my draft plan would be to load up on defenders in round 1, draft a combination of skill players/defenders on Day 2 (or trade for a WR), and use all my day 3 picks on developmental offensive players (OL/WR/TEs).

It’s my opinion sourrounding the QB with proven veterans along the OL, a high-end receiving TE as a safety net, plus the potential addition of a veteran receiver is better for his short-term development than investing high draft picks on offense. We’ve made the necessary investments the last few years, but now it’s time to shift some attention to defensive players. You need stars on defense to consistently win, and history shows us that defensive players develop much faster than offensive players. Once you find a balance between the units you can approach each year with the best player in mind while favoring offense a bit when Zach is on his second contract/veterans start leaving. Unlike the Sanchez era where we did have a lot of proven veterans that helped prop him up in the short-term, I would make a concerted effort to build pipelines at positions with a lot of high-priced veterans, specifically along the OL. Ravens are a great example of this. They draft interior OL every year, sit and develop them, and when their time comes they’re ready to start. 


I don’t think the Jets have this approach based on what I understand. They’re aware that it’s an option, but they are a little more bullish on development and finding guys who they feel can fit into their system and perform, rather than spending on overpriced veterans. They want to build the OL/DL through the draft and will do so by investing high picks in the units year-in and year-out, which is a fine approach, but in my opinion a little unnecessary. They’ll also favor offense high in the draft because again, they’re hellbent on premium investment around the QB and Saleh is bullish on their ability to find certain players that fit their defensive system without needing to pay a premium for them. They would rather be opportunistic in FA than reliant on it. 

I get your logic but I side with the Jets philosophy more, but I would not be afraid to double dip (FA and draft) especially at TE and WR.

All the trades are interesting. They used to be really rare. JD was ahead of the curve and got just ridiculous value for Adams and Darnold. I am in the minority but I would be willing to bail on Becton for a decent draft pick return. Never liked the pick.

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3 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

That was my guess.  Let’s say they take walker at 4.  I would imagine douglas would try to trade back at 10, and then go either OL or wr - OL based on your take, but maybe they’d bite on london?

I think he would consider all options, but my guess is he would take Trevor Penning if available 

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11 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

Godwin and Adams being treated like they were a real possibility = Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results?

yea, sounds accurate.

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Russell Gage is one of those guys who isn’t being talked about and would be very underwhelming at first blush.

He’s 26, 770 yards last year which sounds bad but he did it in 13 games, so 17 game pace of just over 1,000 yards. And he really broke out late in the season with Ridley out - was on almost a 1,300 yard pace the last 8 games of the season. Quietly productive guy.

Feels like he’s stuck around and forced his way onto the field along a talented group of Falcons pass catchers for a while and did better with more opportunity. Also I believe did well with one on one coverage, which is a huge weakness the Jets had with their pass catchers last year. And a relatively under the radar guy even behind guys like Kirk and Chark.

Haven’t decided how I’d feel about it yet, first instinct is obviously it’s not enough, but as much as I think they should flip a day three pick for Amari Cooper this feels like the kind of move Douglas makes at WR - whether its Gage or someone similar.

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