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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread


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49 minutes ago, Titan24 said:

These guys are still young and talented…..the Bills are very well run and coached very very well…..Jets have a long way to go to be mentioned in the same sentence.

Do you get on your knees when writing things like that or do you bend over and just, get ready for it?

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1 hour ago, sec101row23 said:

This is stuff Jet fans say to help them feel better about themselves.  The truth is there is no “salary cap hell” and with the way the cap is about to go up in the next couple years it’s so easily manipulated.   

Yep. The Bills are trying to win a SuperBowl folks. The Saints are in supposed "cap hell". Watch them win more games then half the league

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15 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

Great to see him make it official!











*whispers to side: f*ck, who is that?


Assuming Tomlinson 

EDIT: Nevermind. Back in the green & white? Maybe Shepherd? Who the f*ck knows. 

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2 hours ago, Be_a_Jet said:

Smith is 6’4” like 275 lbs man and he is a pure edge and rarely played coverage as OLB at GB - Hes a OLB but he’s a BIG one. 

Also, Ravens going to run a mix of 4-3 as they just hired McDonald from Michigan who ran a 4-3 there…. 


I was saying he didn't fit the Jets scheme at all, not the Ravens 

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24 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

Man if JD trades for Hunter the East is ours

He is due $18.5 million, so basically it would have to be done with a restructure, but he would have to take on that no matter what.  


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