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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread


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2 hours ago, Origen said:

Just had a thought about the Von Miller signing in Beefalo- perhaps a panic move by them because of how badass our Oline looks now?  Esp if we grab another at 4?


I know, I know... but it's just nice to have nice things kinda, for once.

Our OL is still shaky. Becton is injury prone  and looked like he regressed during preseason. McGovern is ok but nothing special. I think we still need to solidify the OL.

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7 hours ago, derp said:

Thought Phillips contributed when he was in, but I'm sure they're going hard at edge this draft and I have no issue with that approach.

I like Phillips. We could still bring him back, but Jets obviously didn't want to go as high as the RFA tender of $2.4M for him.

If we can get him back for cheaper, they probably do it - depends on his market.

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19 minutes ago, varjet said:

Where are the Jets finding the cap room for these signings?

Think about this when you're concerned about cap room. The Jaguars had $10 million less in cap space than the Jets and look at all of the signings they've made. The cap is not a concern at all. 

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