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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread


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11 minutes ago, Gramsci said:

Our second round pick last year was on pace to have a better year than Kirk with Mike White, Joe Flacco and Zach Wilson throwing the ball. 




And Kirk had a better year than Cooper. So Moore was on pace to have a better season than Cooper as well.  The Cooper infatuation on this board was irrational.  

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2 minutes ago, Bungaman said:

Wow - hadn't heard about that . Wonder how Jax will field a 53 man roster. they better pray one of the big contract boys doesn't get hurt during the season.

They are definitely aggressive and resetting the market.  I prefer JD's value based approach as long as he is aggressive when the need calls for it.  Not sure that is what happened with a couple of the Jaguar signings, feels like the GM smoked a little crack right before free agency negotiating window opened.


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Revisiting the last couple of years on contracts over $5M per year, rather than going full narrative that JD sucks and/or is super conservative.  You can draw your own conclusions.  Overall I give him a B/B-.

1. Hit on Fant and McGovern, based on 2021 results.  Fant's contract at LT looks like a steal while McGovern's is spot on as a top 10 center

2. Looked like a potentially big hit on Lawson before injury

3. Disappointing early returns on Corey Davis but hopeful he rebounds.  Frankly, if he regains a very solid #2 WR status, his 3 year $37.5M deal looks reasonable based on this year's market.  There was hope he might be a #1 but the contract doesn't really scream #1 and has an exit after this year

4. Hedged bets that former first round picks J Davis and S Rankins would be better fits for the Jets than the Lions and Saints.  Didn't pay off but both will be gone (yes Rankins too) after 1 year with minimal dead money 

Sidenote: Meh on GVR but not a big contract at $3.5M per year.  Kind of got what he paid for, a marginal short term starter at a time in the rebuild where it might not have made sense to sign a guy like Tomlinson

I do think we are now at the point in the rebuild to be more aggressive and to spend close to the cap, if the value is there.

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7 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

Meanwhile, Mekhi Becton has some input 


oh gawd!

Can't wait to see what spews out of that account now.  Gas mask photo like Laremy Tunsil?  Becton passed out in a McDonald's Drive-thru lane?


refreshing the twitter like a madman right now. lol

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5 minutes ago, varjet said:

The Jets can still cut a few players, but I don't know how they let Rankins go.  

If Christian Kirk makes $17mm how do you not use 4 on the best WR available. 

Just wait until CB JC Jackson gets his deal.

Then we'll be all-in on Sauce Gardner at #4 and a WR (even if it's the second best WR) at #10.

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