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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread


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3 hours ago, GreenFish said:

I like the duo of avt and Becton in the running game.

I’d say From left to Right: Fant-Tomlinson-McGovern-AVT-Becton

This might be a possibility.  They drafted AVT to play alongside Ticket.  

It's probably not a coincidence that Fant got good once he was next to AVT tho. 

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8 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Doesn't mean we'd need to trade Becton.... but we could.

Collins immediately becomes the starting RT.  Becton and Fant compete for LT.

Fant has only one year left on his deal, Morgan Moses would be gone, Becton is still a completely untrustworthy wild card (from an availability standpoint).

I have no idea what the $$ would be but Collins, Becton, Fant (1-year left) is how you Boom free agency and take OL completely off the table as both a consideration in the Draft and an excuse for the Jets offense.  The conversation completely pivots to Zach and the weapons making the O go.  I'd like that.

I think I'd actually try and trade Fant (as long as Becton is actually healthy) After the year he just had the return compensation would be high and he'd clear like $10 mil in cap.

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1 hour ago, IndianaJet said:

And if by chance these moves make the Jags better...will it be enough to get them over the top?  Or, are they going to be in cap hell in a few years, just when they need flexibility to add pieces to make a serious run?

There is no such thing as cap hell

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3 minutes ago, Bronx said:

@Maxman should send you a coupon for therapy after all your hard work.


I remember from last year when I did this it takes a few days to snap out of it. I’m constantly checking phone/updates/posts. When I don’t do it I get fidgety, like somethings missing. 

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3 minutes ago, choon328 said:

I feel like the Jets are pretty happy with the young guys and were never going to get involved with these top CB's. They're is no way they draft a CB with one of their 1st round picks. They'll add a veteran CB in the days to come to add some depth and experience to the group. That's it. 

Why would the Jets be happy with their current crop of CBs?

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57 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:


oh gawd!

Can't wait to see what spews out of that account now.  Gas mask photo like Laremy Tunsil?  Becton passed out in a McDonald's Drive-thru lane?


refreshing the twitter like a madman right now. lol

I don’t twitter. But I clicked the original link to see what he was talking about and 2nd comment had me dying 


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