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Tom Brady un-retires


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24 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

We should absolutely collect all the Keelan Coles’s like they’re pokemon cards

Dude, I actually looked up on Google Keelan Cole, like, WTF is he talking about? Then I remembered, oh sh*t,  is one of those  'one year bargains.'

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1 hour ago, DepressedJetsFan23 said:

How does one change their mind from such a big decision so shortly? Like cmon this guy just wants the attention back on him so he can get a grand exit 🤣

This sequence was obviously planned to the detail 

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Just now, Xtina said:

This sequence was obviously planned to the detail 

He actually did this at the best time possible for the Bucs, Xtina.

The new NFL year starts tomorrow, now they know who their QB is, and a lot of his teammates like Gronk, Fournette and Godwin etc. will want to come back for one more shot at a ring with him. The Bucs will now be able to approach FA and maybe the draft accordingly.

If he had announced this let’s say after the draft, then I’d question his motives, but not now. The guy just had a change of heart. Most of these guys are told when it’s time to go. It’s not easy for them to walk away on their own.

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The interesting thing is that he'll be a UFA after this coming season.  So it's possible TB12 will then decide to play for another team (that is primed for a SB) like SF. 

I could also see there being a surprise in this whole thing where he made an agreement with the Glazer family to get himself traded to SF for this coming season.  Not saying it's likely but just that it's possible.  If I'm the Glazer family, I'd feel pretty grateful that TB12 came to my franchise and won a SB plus had a terrific 2nd year. 

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3 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

What he'll say - "I still have the fire in me.  I'm a competitor.  Thank you to the Glazers for welcoming me back."

What he's thinking - "Screw Flores for suing the NFL on my retirement day! I didn't get the attention I deserved.  And screw Putin!  The guy invades Ukraine and distracts everyone from my retirement month. "

You know, this is actually pretty plausible. 

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6 hours ago, David Harris said:

cockroaches and Tom Brady


6 hours ago, BigRy56 said:

Lmao give me a break


6 hours ago, PS17 said:

Wtf go away 


6 hours ago, BloodGreen said:

F Tom Brady!

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6 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

This is kinda sad really.  That a man that has all he has, still needs this much attention.  


6 hours ago, Hex said:

Actually Brady wanted to ruin this guy's life so unretired for a season just to make this ball worthless, the selfish piece of crap


6 hours ago, DoubleDecker said:

F*** that cheat!  I hope they crush him next year and he decided to truly retire!

God for bid he loves the game.... Right ? 

Its worse to be jealous and make up things like "Tom Needs attention" 

With all his money if he truly did not love the game while still playing at an MVP level would he be coming back ?

You guys act like total Jets fans

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and?  i don't see why this is a surprise.  after the jets favre tried his hand with the vikings and almost got them into the show.  brady still put up good numbers and if not for the idiocy of brown he might've got them to the superbowl again.  plus who knows if he was actually financially prepared for retirement.  sure he and gisele have more money right now than i could make in 30 lifetimes but that 20 million or so he's going to get ain't hay.

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