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2022 Jets FA signings (Merged)


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3 minutes ago, Warfish said:

They were also disappointed when we got that worthless Safety from them as part of the Adams trade, lol.

This guys seems like a clear cut upgrade from what we had.  And he's young.  So hard to find much fault with the signing.

Even Warfish is vacationing on #ReedvisIsland!

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14 minutes ago, genot said:

Safety is more of an issue now. Unless we make a big splash in FA.

Or move MC2 back to his college position of FS and/or KEEP CB Pinnock at FS like you did the last few games of ‘21 and let them both compete with A. Davis, Joyner, and a draft pick. 

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22 minutes ago, Grandy said:

Also I do not think this rules out a round 1 CB. Our pass D was too terrible to be fixed by one signing. 

Safeties play an important role in pass defense. Without Maye, we have question marks there. With Reed an Hall, cornerback becomes much less of a question mark 

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Why would they not still take Sauce or Hamilton. As long as some pass rush is added why not lock down the pass?

because the defense needs to be decent this year but the offense still has big holes - wr1 te1 ( guy we got from cincinnati should be a good te2 not te1) - maybe center upgrade and god forbid becton doesn’t look good as draft approaches- edge rusher yes - the rest of the d from this point forward should be mid tier fa’s and lower draft picks only - 2 1’s 2 2’s and a 3 - go offense!!!!

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