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Jets Trade Blake Cashman


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8 hours ago, Jets723 said:

I think teams still see a lot of potential in Mims so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got something decent, probably not a second but I think a third is possible based on his age/ potential upside alone

Why would a team give a 2nd for Mims when he himself was a 2nd rounder, is 2 years into his contract, and hasn't shown much of anything on the field?

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12 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

If Joe Douglas can get anything in a trade for Van Roten I'll fly to Jersey and whittle a statue of him in front of Met Life stadium with my pocket knife.


If Joe Douglas thinks he's Hot Sh!t pawning off the Jets dregs let's see what he can get for Van Roten !


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Still baffled how he got this to happen. He was just ok as a rookie - ok for a rookie, at that - and has barely seen the field in the two seasons since. Then on top of that, cheap as it is, he's only on a 1-year contract?

Or maybe that lack of a longer-term contract is the reason -- if Cashman is even a moderate semi-starter this year, he's more than just a cheap addition for a team that still isn't out from under the cap hell they'd put themselves into. Then if he's starting this year, they hope they'd be able to recoup a 6th rounder as a comp pick a year later.

Problem #1 with that last part is, as of now, I don't know how many teams would be pushing another out of the way to sign him to a qualifying contract that'd net even a 7th round comp pick.

Problem #2 is what influences problem #1: he hasn't been able to stay on the field, or even on the active roster, without getting hurt. That's if he outplays every/any rookie that they draft this year.

Other than thinking they could recoup that pick later, I can't think of a reason to trade a pick for him. 

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22 hours ago, UntouchableCrew said:

Shocking. Guy was a 5th round pick who has had 5 stints on the IR in 3 seasons and made zero impact otherwise.

JD continues to do well with trades, that's one thing you can't take away from him.

He played absolutely great in his first preseason. That counts for nothing???????? Oh wait, never mind. 

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