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20 hours ago, DirtyJersey said:

I listen to wrestling shoot interviews and podcasts while working, instead of sports talk now.  Old stuff, nothing about the male gymnasts they pass off as pro wrestlers today.

YouTube is awesome ..my twin sons are about to turn 13 and I let them stay up late the other night watching attitude era stuff!!

Hey man whatever makes you happy. When Stone Cold hit Vince McMahon in the head with a bedpan me and my father were calling each other five times an hour laughing hysterically!!

The best part of pro wrestling is when they work the mic! I have history in the entertainment and performance industry and let me tell you that they have music, fireworks, comedy, live stuntman fights, it's just an amazing field of work.

I didn't watch for the last few years and I turned on raw the other night and it was awesome. YouTube is great for the behind the scenes stuff. They are on the road 300 days a year?

I'm getting my Son's tickets for their birthday~

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