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Tyreek never even considered the Jets


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3 minutes ago, DoubleDown said:

Of course this is what he's going to say after he signs a record contract with the Dolphins.  They are his new team, and they paid him alot of money.  He's going to dismiss every other team, especially a new division rival.

Yesterday, prior to the trade, Hill tweeted he was "torn."

Personally, I think that holds more weight.

Turns out the only thing he was torn about was either taking less $ to stay in KC or going to Miami. Not surprising.

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1 minute ago, Green Ghost said:

So much for the nice bedtime story about JD driving up the price the Dolphins had to pay.

I am sure Tyreek's agent didn't use the Jets to drive up his salary with the Dolphins because Drew Rosenhaus is too good of a guy. 

I am also sure the Chiefs didn't use the Jets vs Dolphins to drive up the amount of compensation they got from the fish. 

Do you think the Chiefs  just let the fish decide what was fair? 

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3 minutes ago, ZachEY said:

Why?  Being a Jets fan aside, is it not Rosenhaus's job to do what's in his client's best interest.

While I don't know all (any) of the intricacies.  Hill apparently is from FL and lives in Miami in the offseason.  I can't imagine that not mattering, a lot.

Maybe I’m miss reading what happened.   However, if I’m not, and the Dolphins weren’t previously inloved, and Rosenhaus goes to tell the Dolphins, hey you better get involved or he’s going to the Jets, isn’t that looking out for the best interest of the Dolphins more than Hill?

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