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Jet Nation 2022 Mock Draft - Discussion


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Welcome to the JetNation 2022 Mock Draft!

This is the Discussion thread.


Link below is to the google sheet that you will use to track the draft:


Thanks to @Beerfish and @Lith for creating, maintaining and enhancing this resource every season.  With 500 prospects listed, there won't be many guys selected who are not in the sheet.  If you draft someone who is not on the sheet, we will manually add them as the pick is made.  Send us a PM if anyone has problems accessing/using the sheet. 

You can sort columns and change tabs at will, but no edits.  Mods will edit. Send us a PM if you see one needed.

Draft tab: Main tab. Shows you all picks for all rounds in one page. Shows who is on-the-clock and how far away you are from your next pick.
GM Lineup tab: Attaches your team and selections to you on the main draft page. GM changes are made here. 
Player List: List of draft prospects with averaged rankings from multiple sources. The rankings are several weeks old and are the opinions of the ranking source, so use them at your own risk. Rankings can not be updated.
Available Player List: Very helpful tab. This page gives you a quick look at who is still available. If you see a number next to the player, then he has been selected already and we just haven't gotten around to filtering him off the page. 
Team-by-team: (currently not on spread sheet... will be added after a couple of rounds) shows a team's entire draft.
Positional rankings tabs: self explanatory. Rankings from an array of draft sites. You can sort by source if you like. Again, these may not up-to-date and are subjective.

JetNation Mock Draft rules:

  1. Duration: Our objective is to complete a full 7 round mock NFL draft. It takes between 2 and 3 weeks from start to finish. 
  2. Trades: Trades will be allowed, but only trades of 2022 picks.  Trading future picks or active players is not permitted (i.e. The Seattle GM is not permitted to trade DK Metcalf during our mock, unless it happens to go down for real in the NFL before the pertinent rounds have started in the mock).  Submit all trades to us in order to be finalized and so we can update the spreadsheet. And if you are managing two teams, no trades are permitted between those two teams.
  3. Draft clock: For the first four rounds, each GM will have a 3-hour window to make his pick when on the clock. The 3-hour window will run between the 9:00 AM and 11:59 PM EDT. The clock pauses at midnight and resumes at 9:00 am EDT, without a reset.  For example, if you go on the clock at 11:00 PM, you will have until 11:00 AM the next morning to submit your picks. We may elect to reduce the selection window to 2-hours in the back half of the draft.
  4. Unavailable GMs:  If you know that you may not be available for an upcoming pick, you are required to send in advance a sufficient number of potential picks in order of priority via PM to @Lith @Dcat @NYJetsVets91 @New York Mick and one of us will make the pick for you.
  5. Advising the next team it is On-the-Clock:   When posting your pick, tag and/or send a PM to the next two GMs advising them that they are OTC and on-deck.  If you go to https://forums.jetnation.com/notifications/options/, scroll down to the toggles you can elect to receive an email when you receive messages -- this can help to keep things moving more quickly.
  6. Missed picks: If you miss a pick, we will make the pick for you, but it's much better to send us a short list of preferences ahead of your pick.  Also, if you miss a pick, let us know that you intend to continue in the draft.  Once we make a pick for you, that pick is final as soon as the next draft pick is made.  2 missed picks in a row warrants GM replacement and we will look to replace you with another GM.

2022 JN Mock GM Lineup:

AFC East:
Buffalo Bills - @New York Mick
Miami Dolphins - @Beerfish
New England Patriots -  @Integrity28
New York Jets -  @HawkeyeJet

AFC North:
Pittsburgh Steelers -  @IndianaJet
Baltimore Ravens -  @WhartonJet
Cleveland Browns -  @section314
Cincinnati Bengals -  @bla bla bla

AFC South:
Tennessee Titans -  @sec101row23
Indianapolis Colts -  @Hal N of Provo
Houston Texans -  @JiFapono
Jacksonville Jaguars - @NYJetsVets91

AFC West:
Kansas City Chiefs -  @JTJet
Las Vegas Raiders -   @#27TheDominator
Los Angeles Chargers -  @King P
Denver Broncos - @Maynard13

NFC East:
Washington Commandos - @choon328
New York Giants -  @T0mShane
Dallas Cowboys -  @heymangold
Philadelphia Eagles -  @Dcat

NFC North:
Green Bay Packers - @Lith
Chicago Bears -  @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN
Minnesota Vikings -  @BroadwayBen

Detroit Lions -  @kdels62

NFC South:
New Orleans Saints -  @Sarge4Tide
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -  @Matt39
Carolina Panthers -  @32EBoozer
Atlanta Falcons -  @UntouchableCrew

NFC West:
Seattle Seahawks -   @Paradis
Los Angeles Rams -  @RVAJet815
Arizona Cardinals -  @Greenseed4
San Francisco 49ers -  @Jetlife33

Here's to another great JetNation Mock Draft!

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Draft spreadsheet was updated last night with draft order posted on NFL.com.  I am pretty sure that I have the entire order correct, but please check your team's picks and let me know if anything does not look right.

The Saints forfeited a 6th round pick due to violation of Covid rules.  That was done by the NFL - has nothing to do with the JN draft.  Last year we were accused of taking a pick from the Patriots when they were docked a pick by the NFL.  I just want to make sure @Sarge4Tide is aware that the pick was lost due to the NFL.  Has nothing to do with the Georgia-Alabama rivalry.

Also, my annual reminder that the draft spreadsheet is a large sheet with many tabs.  Depending on speed of your internet connection, it may take a while to load all tabs.  Be patient.

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6 minutes ago, Maynard13 said:

Why is the selection thread closed? 😱

Draft has not started yet. I closed it so all pre-draft discussion would be in this thread.  I will re-open it this evening when we get started.

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2 hours ago, Paradis said:

Not sure I pick till round 6. Think Vegas gave up the farm for Adams since I picked them 

Round 3.  You still make your first pick earlier than either Beerfish (Dolphins) or RVAJET (Rams).  Maybe next year we pick teams a little bit later, close to the draft.  You and BF got screwed by the trades, and JTJet (Chiefs) and I (Packers) got some extra high picks we did not expect. 

Luck of the draw, I guess.

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5 minutes ago, Paradis said:

Yea luck of the draw.... it's too bad, I probably look forward to this a little too much lol.  Bummer. 

As a moderator for the draft, I look forward to it with equal parts anticipation and dread.

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16 minutes ago, Dcat said:

In an unprecedented pre-draft trade, the Raiders and Seahawks trade GMs. 

Raiders send GM @Paradis to Seattle and Seattle sends it's GM, @#27TheDominator to Raiduhs.

Spreadsheet is updated.


I expect a public thank you!

I'd have made the same offer to poor @Beerfish but I could not stomach running the fins.  Raiders needed to get a little more Brooklyn back.

My first move would probably be to fistfight Josh McDaniels.

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13 minutes ago, Dcat said:

So @Paradis.... I hear the way to Pete Caroll's heart is having ample potent cannabis.

...Pete has been relieved and sent to the retirement farm up up there on the island... otherwise known as the Cannabis capital of the country

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9 minutes ago, Paradis said:

...Pete has been relieved and sent to the retirement farm up up there on the island... otherwise known as the Cannabis capital of the country

Good for him,,,he and Bevel can do bongs and keep telling each other that the slant from the one yardline was the right call.

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8 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

The Jets could probably trade Mike White to The Giants for both of their first rounders since t0m Shane is the Giants gm.  Too bad we can't do player trades, the jets would really be set.

Don’t forget to add the punt returner or NO DEAL. Stick it to @T0mShane

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23 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

The Jets could probably trade Mike White to The Giants for both of their first rounders since t0m Shane is the Giants gm.  Too bad we can't do player trades, the jets would really be set.

Giants 12-5 if it happens. Call me, Douglas

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  • Post of the Week 1
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