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Jets Release Veteran Tight End Ryan Griffin

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1 minute ago, hmhertz said:

I am not one to say Griffen, Brown and the for Bills TE were Turds.

They had their moments particularly Grif replacing Herdon a few

years ago. What pissed me off was JD going into the season with

that crew. A second pick rookie going into the season with that bunch.

Providing Wilson with Davis  who is middling at best as his top option

was dereliction of duty. Wesco a stiff left from our last stiff GM has

has no talent. I'm fine with the TEs signed this year but we should draft

one or two from this years deep TE crop

We have to.  I believe we only have 3 on the roster + Wesco who I'm not sure what he is exactly.

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So the depth chart is CJ, Conklin, Wesco, Yeboah right now with some obscure discussions of trying to turn Lawrence Cager into a TE in the offseason on the Practice Squad?  Yeah, that group is ripe for a talent infusion somewhere in the Round 3-4 range.

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9 hours ago, peekskill68 said:

Yeboah has the potential to reach David Clowney levels of pre-season worship...


3 hours ago, tfine said:


Don’t forget Brett “the franchise” Ratliff

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LMFAO I just thought both of the same things!!!!

Who can catch the Clown!!!??

Nobody cares and you're cut so go catch a Greyhound-

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