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Pauline- slipping on their arse


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2022 NFL Draft Rumors: Tyler Linderbaum, Treylon Burks falling down boards?

Speaking during the March 29 episode of Draft Insiders (which you can catch every Tuesday night at 8 PM ET on PFN’s YouTube Channel), Pauline addressed rumors that both highly regarded NFL Draft prospects could find themselves slipping down draft boards once Roger Goodell puts the Jacksonville Jaguars on the clock in Las Vegas.

“Tyler Linderbaum is a guy who a lot of people thought could go in the top 10,” Pauline told PFN Analyst Trey Wingo. “There’s a real possibility that Linderbaum falls out of the first round. Burks, who people were talking about as a top-15 pick, might eventually fall out of the first round.”

In some respects, the news regarding Linderbaum isn’t surprising just based on perceived positional value alone. You would think the NFL would have learned their mistake just one year removed from allowing Creed Humphrey to slide out of the first round. Humphrey earned himself a spot on the PFWA All-Rookie team this year.

Is the NFL affording Linderbaum the same treatment? Or is there something more to the NFL Draft rumors? Considered by some as the top wide receiver in the class, is Burks’ perceived sub-standard NFL Combine performance the only thing perpetuating a plummet out of the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft?

Linderbaum as a prospect

Iowa center Linderbaum is the top-ranked interior offensive lineman on the Pro Football Network Top 300 Big Board. He’s an exceptional athlete who excels in getting to the second level in the run game. Meanwhile, he’s also demonstrated that he can overcome concerns about being relatively undersized by utilizing an innate understanding of leverage.

That comes from his high school wrestling experience. Linderbaum’s ability to use his opponent’s weight against them to succeed was famously demonstrated against now NFL first-team All-Pro offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. With impressive footwork, football intelligence, and hand placement, Linderbaum has been described as one of the cleanest and safest prospects in the class. So, why are there rumors that he’s slipping down NFL Draft boards?

“Linderbaum is slowly falling for a couple of reasons,” Pauline asserts. “No. 1: I’ve said time and time again, he’s not a power lineman. He’s not someone who just drives opponents off the ball. He’s more of a zone blocker.”

Pauline also points to some concerns around his NFL Combine testing, or lack thereof. “He shows up at the Combine, and his arms are 31”. There are questions about his strength and power. How does a guy with 31″ arms who isn’t very strong handle the Jordan Davis‘ of the world when they get inside your body?”

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25 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Scouts: Hmmm you cannot draft a center in round one because of positional value. Draft Quinnen Williams instead, because positional value.

<fast forward to Creed Humphrey skull-******* Quinnen Williams and every Quinnen Williams-type DT he faces>

Scouts: Hmmm I wish we had a player like this here Creed Humphrey. Perhaps the Broncos are throwing away another interior offensive lineman that we can grossly overpay?



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Linderbaum @ 35... Muma @ 38 with Tibs @ 4 & Willams @ 10... I can surely live with that... Williams comes back full by no later than week 2-3 & the Jets will have Williams, Moore, Davis, Mims & Berrios as targets for Zach without including any of the TE's... Looks Good to me. 

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1 hour ago, BigRy56 said:

Man if Linderbaum dropped to 35 that would be some luck

I'm guessing that if he falls to the end of first we may move up for him. JD showed last year that when he has the chance to find a 10 year starter on the online he doesn't wait for that guy to drop especially a kid like Linderbaum that's a perfect fit for this offense. 

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21 minutes ago, RSJ said:

Sounds like they are describing Kevin Mawae to me. Sign me up for Linderbaum at 35. Total steal.

Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

Shockingly,  Kevin Mawaes RAS score was a 7.15

Nick Mangolds calculated at 9.1


And shockingly, I ran our own Connor McGoverns scores from his combine out of Missouri..




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wow some of you guys are so hard up for a OL .

guys his stock isnt dropping cause he is a center, or cause he cant run a cone,  its dropping cause his arms are so short. and they aren't getting any longer. 

im not a pro scout but from what i read 31 inch arms are a problem. Mangold was 31 7/8 and Humpries is 31 3/4. and hes not strong. and before we put a gold jacket on Humpries after a year remember he played with the one of the best QBs and they tend to make there OL look really good.



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5 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

So, 31" arms at 6'2 is....bad.



But 31 7/8" at 6'4 is....good?

your arm length is your arm length, doesnt matter how tall you are. its not like your weight where 6-4 being 320 is the same as 6-2 being 300. 

IDK but i just pulled up 5 articles that all same the same thing. his arm length is a concern. 

only Mangold and John Sullivan ( 31.5) had under 32 inch arms and were good at center. 

and Lindenbaum's wingspan is 75 5/8 as compared to Humpries at 79 1/2. i keep searching for Mangold wingspan but i cant find it.

with those warning signs and no Pro day or combine its too risky for 35 and 38. 

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