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Draft Prospect I Think Would Be A Round 3 Grand Slam For The Jets

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I like this prospect (Brian Asamoa) Oklahoma LB SOOOO much *SPECIFICALLY* for the Jets/Selah defense, I had to make a thread about it.  


"Does the heavy lifting, as most of his tackles were solo efforts.

Quick read and react in early stages of the rep.

Reads his keys and recognizes misdirection in the run game.

Full-throttle trigger to disrupt blocking scheme.

Very good sideline-to-sideline chase speed.

Projectable traits and flashes as a playmaker.

Movement is athletic and easy in coverage.

Able to expand coverage area from zone.

Should shine as a kick- and punt-cover talent on special teams."

I saw him play in two games and thought to myself that he reminded me of the LBs that the Saints had in the mid 80's to 90's.  Swilling, Mills, Turnbull.  Then, I went and watched a few highlights and I got a few more ideas.   

If Saleh is going to be running the 4-2-5 a lot (where the DB and LB flex) *THIS* is the ideal guy to be the rambler in that defense.

Let's see if JD has done his study work.  I'm going to be ecstatic if they draft him.

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