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A Healthy Dose Of Optimism

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Fresh off of re-watching the Jets/Bengals game of last year, I can't help but feel pangs of optimism.  Here are some of my reasons;

  • Douglas went out and signed three guys on offense who should make a big difference this year.  Tomlinson replacing Van Rotten/LMT is a huge upgrade and finally having TWO NFL caliber TE will help Zach immensely.
  • DJ Reed was a terrific signing.  I expect MC II and Echols to take a big step forward in year 2.  Hall will be better as CB2 and with another year under his belt.  All three played reasonably well given the fact that there was no pass rush to rely on.  Jordan Whitehead was another good signing and along with a healthy Lemarcus Joyner and a rookie, the safety position will be drastically improved.
  • Douglas has a sh*t load of ammunition in the draft.  As long as he nails Edge and WR this team will improve drastically.  After that he needs to find solid backups in a swing tackle, DT, S, LB, RB and a second WR.  It wouldn't shock me if he also doubles up on Edge.  If Nik Bonnitto is around in the third round, I would jump at that.  If not, I would take a chance on Dominique Robinson in the fourth round. 

I feel reasonably confident that Douglas and the CS will nail this draft.  I read somewhere that Douglas, the coaching staff and all of the scouts changed the process last year and discussed what kind of players they were looking for at each position.  The results speak for itself.  I expect round one to produce an Edge (Thibs or Jermaine Johnson) and a top notch WR (really hoping for Garrett Wilson but would be happy with Drake London).  Reinforcement hopefuls at other positions include Tyler Smith or Bernhard Raimann, OT, Cine or Brisker, S, Travis Jones, DT, Chad Muma, Leo Chenal or Troy Anderson, LB, George Pickens, Calvin Austin or Alec Pierce, WR.  My favorite targets at RB  Brian Robinson and Rashaad White due to their bruising style and excellent blocking.  There are several good prospects at TE to be had in the later rounds.

A couple of late rounders/UDFA I like are Dylan Parham, G from Memphis, Micah McFadden, LB from Indiana, Bo Melton, WR from Rutgers, Christopher Allen, Edge from Bama, Thomas Booker, DT from Standford and Nolan Cockrill, DT from Army.  Cockrill played for the Army Cadets and is a Robert Saleh kind of player.

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Everybody feels optimistic after watching Mike White sling the pigskin 10 yards behind the LOS en route to defeating the AFC champ. Despite playing like a bad Chad Pennington for once the players around him actually played good. I mean, Michael Carter had like 190-something yards of offense, and a ton after first contact. That's the type of game anybody would love to see more often from the Jets.

Hopefully it's commonplace by the end of next season

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Last year was crazy. So many things went against the team. Losing so many players to injury so early was devastating and it just never stopped all season. First year players and coaches everywhere, it was a recipe for disaster. If the injuries get better, I think the team can be better than expected. 

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