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2020 and 2022 Deja Vu ?


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the 2020 draft class was good with OL talent near the top. 5 went in the top 18, Thomas (4), Willis (10), Becton (11) Wirfs (13) Jackson (18) including 3 in the top 11.

in 2022 the talk is that 4 might go in the top 18 with 2 in the top 6. Neal, Icky, Cross, Green or Penning.

in 2020 6 WRs went between 12 and 25. plus another 2 in the top of rd 2 at 33 and 34. in 2022 there is talk that the same can be true. there should be 6-8 taking in the 1st rd. now i dont remember the talk in 2020 but by seeing that no WRs were taken before 12 i would guess its the same as now.


there is no one worthy of the 10th pick...... there is no one special in this class....... there is no Chases in this draft..... 

but the WR class had some special guys. 

17. Cee Dee Lamb : 79 - 1102 - 6 TDs

22. Justin Jefferson : 108 - 1616 - 10 TDs

33. Tee Higgins : 74 - 1091 - 6 TDs

34: Michael Pittman Jr : 88 - 1082 - 6 TDs

so that is 4 out of the top 8 WRs who has turned out to be very very good. so dont believe the hype. that there are no worthy WRs out there to pick at 10 or we might suffer the same fate as 2020. i dont know nothing but stats, and the stats say the odds of maybe half the 8 WRs taken before 34 will be good. even if its 3 or 2 there is going to be a WR we will be regretting not taken in this draft. 

so does JD mirror 2020 and take another Tackle with his 1st pick and make WR wait till rd 2, lets hope not.


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