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Predict Jets first 4 picks by Position

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8 minutes ago, OtherwiseHappyinLife said:

If no trade,

CB, WR, Edge, LB

(I’m starting to sense the Jets might believe Sauce is head & shoulders above other prospects at this slot and really like the idea of a stud CB to help slow the passing games in the AFC)


If trade #4 to pick up additional first,

WR, Edge, LB, RB, OT

I have that gut feeling but rather for OL. But I agree Sauce would be the other option

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edge, wr, lb, s


ol, rb, cb, dt, ol


this presumes he makes no trades, which I think is unlikely. I think he'll trade down from 4 or 10 if he can, with his eye on picking up as high an extra '23 pick as he can while still picking twice in round 1 this year. He may then pool a couple picks to move up; he doesn't need 9 rookies on this roster after drafting 10 the year before.

Also I'm just picking positions I think he'll target without knowing the strength of the draft class as well as most do.

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5 hours ago, LockeJET said:

S, WR, S, P

Lol ? seriously I’m going edge at #4 with Thibs. BUT he might be gone so then @4 go with CB Sauce. At 10, if Thibs is the pick at 4, go with CB Sauce. But if Sauce is gone, then at 10 I’d seriously trade back and get extra picks. There’s only two scenarios at 4 and 10, I’d take players. 4 Thibs and 10 Sauce or 4 Sauce and 10 JJ. The probability of Thibs and Sauce both going in top 3 is remote but possible. Jags take Hutch, Lions take Thibs, Texans take Sauce. We are screwed and might as well trade down. Might be a blessing in disguise. Trade 4 to Saints for 16 & 19. At 10 take JJ. At 16 take LB Lloyd, @ 19 take WR Burks, at 35 take S Cine, at 38 DT Travis Jones - just because he has a cool name and we can then trade QW for two 1st round picks to Seattle. 

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I mean the common sense is that they go Edge, WR, OL, LB...I can even slide in the perfect selections here. KT/JJ, Wilson/Jameson, Linderbaum/Raimann, Christian Harris/Chad Muma. 

But I think they really like Ekwonu and Sauce and I think they firmly believe they can get great Edge value outside of Rd. 1. So that could really turn things on its head. 

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Fun thread.  I've been a broken record but I really do think the first few picks play near the LOS.  Whether they double down on edge, or go Edge/Davis or Edge/OL or OL/Davis, IDK but if you put a gun to my head, I think the Jets go this route:

Edge (1 of the Thibs/Hutch/Walker) 

DL - call it DE or DT.  Davis/Johnson/Karlaftis/Wyatt




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