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RIP The Mad Bomber


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1 hour ago, Green Ghost said:

My man, please learn your football history before you embarrass yourself any further.

Lamonica was a great one.  In 69 the year Lamonica lead the league in passing he also lead the league in TD's with 34.  He's winning percentage as a starting QB 66 16 and 6 in 88 Game starts.

I loved Joe and Joe got the ring.  I saw a lot of games against the Raiders.  Hated them but looking back you can't deny the great ones you saw.  Lamonica was one of them.  Sad to hear of his passing.  He was part of what made me a Jets fan.   Great games against a great rival played at a very high level on both sides.  

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5 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Gonna go ahead and claim that everyone chiming in as knowledgeable in this thread was down for bed around 8pm tonight. 

1030 but I’m awake at 530 and have an 8am tee time! ?

4 hours ago, jago said:

and back up again like me at 2am.

Damn young ‘en’s…. Get off our lawns! ?

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8 hours ago, heymangold said:

I’m 35 and never have heard of this dude. 

Posts like this usually make me either laugh or sad. This one amazes me.

Maybe I was just a diehard sports fan when I was young, but even as a kid I knew all about the players (in all sports) who were well before my time. No 24 hour sport stations on tv, no internet, no sports radio… we read books, or newspapers…. But we knew..

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