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If the Jets could draft the 1st 10 players in this draft, who would you take?

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I’ll probably change my mind repeatedly but at first blush I’d take Hutchinson, Thibodeaux, Walker, Davis, Gardner, Stingley, Williams, London, Neal, and Ekwonu.

Basically stock up on guys who I think are the best players at premium positions with the first ten picks. Hutchinson, Gardner, and Neal are the easiest guys to include IMO. Solid players at premium positions. The rest kind of builds around that. Thibodeaux, Walker, Stingley, Williams, and Ekwonu are guys I’d view as risky ceiling picks. London I like the floor, he was tough relative to Wilson though. Davis I think fills a need and has a high ceiling so with ten he was in for me.

Johnson, Wilson, Cross, Lloyd, Linderbaum also crossed my mind. I could see flipping Johnson and Wilson in for others but I don’t think linebacker or center would be in play for me with a top ten pick even though they’re needs.

Cross I think is the best bet at being a legitimate tackle but taking multiple bites at the apple with Ekwonu and Neal I feel I can just see what happens with those guys instead of definitively needing immediate impact.

I’d flip flop on which of the receivers to include until I had to make the pick but I don’t think they need three. I’d probably flip out Stingley or Davis if I decided to take all three.

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