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List your ideal 9 JETS DRAFT Selections


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On 4/24/2022 at 8:37 AM, YankeeJet22 said:

1 Kayvon Thibodaux- Edge. Please let him drop to 4.

1 Garrett Wilson- WR.  PERFECT for the ML Offense. * I would have an incredibly tough time passing on Jameson Williams. 

2 Devonte Wyatt- DT. Surprised he was available here. Couldn't pass.

2 Breece Hall- RB dynamic duo with Michael Carter. Dreamy.  (If not, then Spiller)

3 Chad Muma- LB. Instant starter.

4 Jeremy Ruckert- TE. Couldn't resist his potential. Love him here.

4 JT Woods- S. Stole this guy from Paradis

5 Zach Tom- C. This is where C should be
drafted. Gets to develop for a year and whalah...starter next year.

5 Max Mitchell- OT. Backs up Becton and Fant. Possible future starter.

* really wanted a second WR in the 5-6 range. Maybe we add a 6th along the way.


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