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Honestly ... Do you really think ...



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  1. 1. ... Do you really think you know what JD will do ?

    • Hell yeah ... I know exactly what is going down Thursday night. (Oh yeah ... and Deebo Deebo Becton and sh*t) (Watson too)
    • Nope .. no clue really ... though I'd like to think I do. I kinda like it this way.

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6 minutes ago, Paradis said:

Yes, I do.

Word from inside is 1a) Thibs 1b) Ekwonu and then it’s however the board falls. They would like to trade out of #10

That’s actually what i thought.  Hutch goes 1 or 2.  That leaves 2 other guys picked before the jets go.  Likely both thibs and ekongwu won’t go in the top 3.  Maybe walker, maybe gardener, maybe neal.  If both thibs and ekongwu are there at 4 the jets take the best edge.  I’m not surprised they want to trade out of 10, and i expect they’ll be able to, and still land the wr or db they’re targeting.

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1 hour ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

I don't know exactly what JD will do, but I will be shocked/surprised if he:

1)drafts a CB or Safety with either the 4 or 10 pick

2) drafts a RB or TE before round 3

3) drafts an injured player (e.g. London/Williams)


Agreed. I personally will add that....I'd be surprised if he. 

4. Drafts a WR at 4. 

5. Does NOT take an Edge at 4 or 10. 

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