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Jets Pre-Draft Roster and Analysis - (In my opinion)


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7 hours ago, Jets Things said:

Oh yes, done all the research. The glasses don't really show the color contrast for the type and severity of color blindness I have. Deuteranopia, red-green, is the most common type. It just happens that I have it really frickin badly. 

Oh wow, did you watch that kinda infamous Jets-Bills color rush game? Jets in all green, Bills in all red? That screwed with my eyes, but they got some serious color blind backlash for that broadcast. 

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I started to make a list of the Orange players, including bold Orange, and some light Green, who should not be on the roster.

Basically all of the Orange players, bolded or not, could be upgraded.  Nice work by Sarge here, but this is still a very weak roster. 

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