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### The Official Round One Draft Day Discussion Thread ###


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Yuck..   Hate this pick!!!  Its safe, but kinda not safe.  Wilson will never be a top 10 wr.  He’s going to be a consistent top 20 guy for his career.  

We now have 2 small wrs that we have to fit into the offense somehow.  Its kinda a scheme fit, but Deebo would have been so much better here.

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1 minute ago, JiFapono said:

My favorite WR in the draft though, just never thought they'd go WR that early

I cannot complain. 

Edge, OL, LB and RB the next two days. This draft is actually perfect for our needs. RB and off-ball LB is loaded on day 3. We can definitely add edge and A luxury pick in round 2.

Im just glad we didn’t trade for Deebo. Gotta grow your own studs.

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2 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

Good pick.  Best WR in the draft, great fit for our scheme.

Smooth as silk, fast, runs good routes, can separate and elevate.

Dude can high point the ball. His hops are ridiculous. Him and Moore are going to be a problem.

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