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### The Official Round One Draft Day Discussion Thread ###


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3 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

So stupid to pass on Jameson

I think JD had to with a player like Wilson there and Becton, another of his 1st rounders, benched due to inujry. Could have seen the injury bug as the end of his career

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2 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Alright, so we passed on the best Edge in the draft and the best WR in the draft.

Very sad organization.  I feel bad for me...

Agree 💯 looking back KT and JW would be the picks.

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so glad JD didnt make history tonight by drafting another OL. and he got the 2nd best WR on the board, i can love Joe again.

now he needs to get that Edge tomorrow and a LB and were set to go!

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I thought you were pissed that they hit another “midget” in your words 

He’s a midget at 5’11 but better than picking that lower tier EDGE

I merely said another midget I didn’t say I was pissed
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