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### The Official Round One Draft Day Discussion Thread ###


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4 minutes ago, artemusclyde said:

People crying about JJ when wrs are flying off the board and teams are straight up trading there first rounders for other wrs currently in the league. This board dumb as hell.

People are asking about trading up for JJ lol.  If the rumors were true and they had him high on the board and it’s cheap to move up this year it’s a fair question. 

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2 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Elijah Moore is his best friend lol. He would have signed.

Douglas is a disgrace. He let the entire league know, he let Garrett Wilson know we were desperate to trade for a proven #1. Then this happens right under our noses, arguably the best of them. AJ Brown is 24 years old.

It's a f*cking joke. We will be watching him tear it up in Philly for years. Meanwhile Douglas is out of here in January. 

AJ Brown has missed an average of 4-5 games a year.

The Jets just landed what many would consider the best CB and best WR in the draft while keeping all of their additional picks and cap flexibility…

I can usually see the downside viewpoint when draft time rolls around for the Jets…but I’m absolutely, unequivocally loving this…

This seems like the kind of draft that my ass would oversee as opposed to the Jets. Pretty mindblowing, really.

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Just now, xboxjets said:

Wasn't there a report that one of the top edge guys had gang affiliations? Possibly JJ? 

I was wondering that as well.  Lots of folks assumed was KT but now it looks like it might have been someone else.

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1 minute ago, bostonmajet said:

I like AJ, and he is 2 to 3" taller, but he is also almost .2 seconds slower - fast, quick, young, and cheap - the Jets have a lot of young speed and that is the new NFL, no?

That's what it seems to be, especially when you consider the rules favor WRs more these days and more often than not punish DBs for being too physical.

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6 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

He's missed 6 games in his career. An absolute iron man compared to Deebo Samuel.

One of the best in the game. Gone to the Eagles after Douglas spent the entire offseason chasing his tail going after these f*ckers. 

A huge miss. Accept it.

We just do not agree.  He missed 4 games last year. He missed 2 the year before and left 2 others early. He has chronic knee and ankle issues.  I am not sure the Jets will be upset they missed out on some of these veteran receivers.  Hill and Adams are too old for the Jets.  They have 2 years left as top receivers.  Brown is not that good and is injury prone.  SF wanted too much for Samuel. And Metcalf does not appear to be on the block.  So JD did what he should have. He drafted a receiver.  6 receivers are off the board in the first 18 picks. It is clear that WRs are flying off the board and teams want the young cheap (rookie deal) players at that position.  

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