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### The Official Round One Draft Day Discussion Thread ###


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2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

All you guys celebrating but pour a little out tonight for Braxton Berrios being relegated to special teams.

He may be only a special teams player, but he'll always be a special guy in my heart. ❤️


In all seriousness, though, I expect we'll still see plenty of Berrios on gadget plays from time to time. He's still our 3rd most exciting WR.

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2 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

Let me look at the MRI?

I thought maybe since you’re advocating for taking him perhaps you’d read something and it’d save me from sifting through 10+ web pages of non-information. Shoulder shrug could’ve also sufficed. Penisface. 

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1 minute ago, hawk said:

100% happy we didn't get Deebo who wanted our because he didn't want to do his job,  give up capital, and a huge contract. 


Yes. I can without a doubt say I am not disappointed.   I can actually say I am pleased.

Agreed.  I think we added 2 very good players and 1 at a position of dire need.  We still have 2 early 2nd rounders to continue to build this team.  I like it.

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2 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

Imagine if we get Jermaine and Linderbaum at the top of Round 2?

God help me…

This sh*t would literally turn into one of those silly mock simulators.

Some fans would still bitch about not overpaying for deebo or green 😂 

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8 minutes ago, JTJet said:

And they still can, with the values set today, Deebo may only cost a 2nd/3rd or 2nd/4th tomorrow. 

Some beat reporters were speculating on this today. 

What about a 2nd and Corey Davis?  Now that we’ve got Wilson, we can upgrade Davis and give the Niners a decent veteran WR back.

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