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### The Official Round One Draft Day Discussion Thread ###


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3 minutes ago, HessStation said:

They honestly don’t deserve to win a SB…ever. It’s embarrassingly almost mathematically impossible to be this bad at the NFL draft

The LB was a reach but Wyatt is great value there.

The board fell badly for them for a WR so it was never on the table without a trade up.

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4 minutes ago, CanadaSteve said:

Got back 101.  I bet we move down in the 2nd to improve that.  

And sure...its hard, but dude.  Look what you get.

I dunno. I think of the beast we could have gotten at 69. Hard not to think we may have gotten the shaft. 

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5 minutes ago, doitny said:

they have a stacked team they can afford it. we cant take a center that early

They didn’t have a center is why they did it.

Here’s the other question: would they have been better off keeping Bozeman (Carolina got him for just $2.8MM for the year), and then use that 1st rounder on another position? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s debatable at a minimum. 

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