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### The Official Round One Draft Day Discussion Thread ###


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1 hour ago, Spoot-Face said:

I feel like we hear this all the time, though, lol.

I just want this time to be different, ya know?

I don’t think I’ve been happy with a jets draft in 16 years. So… this isn’t your avg blowhard reaction 

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5 hours ago, JiFapono said:

I went to sleep half way through because who can actually sit up and watch 4 hours of calling names out and cliches?  But to wake up to Jermaine Johnson is so sexy.  And you're welcome.  For months I've said Sauce/JJ, I switched up to Thibs/Davis so I didnt do the JiF jinx.  And we got Wilson too!  What a night! 

JD is a god.

You should watch the PFF or BR coverage on YouTube. It’s deeper level of discussion than the regular garbage u get on NFL or ESPN, and no commercials.

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Okay, this might be controversial, but how about Metchie at #38.  He was the #1 at Alabama, arguably more important to that offense than Williams before his own ACL injury.  He is a legit first round talent.

No, Jets don't need another wideout, but that would be a killer lineup of WRs.

And, yes, we have other needs.  Would be an interesting pick.

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50 minutes ago, Flightattendant said:

I guess we'll see

I love Dean, but I also question his fit on the Jets roster.  Douglas invested draft capital in oversized safeties/undersized linebackers last year.

So, even if he's available at 38, and I'd love to see him in Jets green, I would probably say pass.

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