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53 minutes ago, ryu79 said:


It is. 

The thing that excites me about Wilson (he was my #2 WR in the draft) is that he beats man coverage. His route running is excellent and he's very good after the catch. He fits really well into this offense. 

Wilson and Moore are a fun duo and Wilson/Moore/Davis/Berrios is a nice top 4. Big improvement.

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18 hours ago, ylekram said:

I Think the pearls are more outa place than the boots

The boots clash. The pearls are feminine looking, but if that's him it fits with a suit. Whereas the big clunky boots clash like a mofo when wearing a suit regardless. Obviously just our opinions, and to each their own. 

4 hours ago, ZachEY said:

Not concerned with the cost or brand as neither means anything aesthetically; unless you're a gold digger. The price certainly doesn't make it flow any better with the suit. They probably work good as a somewhat stylish snow boot though.

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6 minutes ago, ZachEY said:

FWIW, I think the clash was the point.  Pearls and combat boots - and then the contrast of the suit.

OK. That's some deep stuff. Going from fighting/struggling with the boots / to a mixed (color/pattern) up transition kind of suit / and then the refinement of the pearls which certainly seems like a polar opposite of the boots. Maybe he's a fashion design major.  

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