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Joe Douglas is the best gm in the league and its not close!

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Douglas has done his part. All comes down to keeping this young core healthy and Zach fulfilling his potential. 

I'm terrified by how excited I feel about the potential in this team tonight. 

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45 minutes ago, Stark said:

Nah. No way G Wilson is best WR in this class. I think Dotson, Pickens or Robinson are better. Hope he’s good for us

That footage I saw of Wilson was very impressive.

Kid can burn (fastest WR in the draft), supposedly excellent route runner and can really elevate and high point a ball.

I hope he’s really good also.


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Anyone who cant see where this franchise is headed under Post UK Woody, Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh are flat out blind.  Questioning these 3 should of never happened but it officially ends tonight.

Post UK Woody is an excellent owner, Joe Douglas is an absolute master as GM and Robert Saleh is the perfect balance of smarts, discipline and player friendly coach.

This is going to be one heck of a young football team this year and will overtake the Bills for the best in the AFC East in 2023.

Thank goodness that clown Deebo is not on this team taking up $31 million dollars a year.  

It is time for everyone on this board to back the leadership of this franchise and not question them again.  

Post UK Woody/Joe Douglas/Robert Saleh = The holy trinity

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