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### The Official Day Two Draft Day Discussion Thread ###


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Going O in the 2nd is very tempting - although I would be very happy with defensive guys like Nakobe Dean, Travis Jones, Jalen Pitre, Jaquan Brisker, Christian Harris...

Lots of very good players at need positions left on the board.

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3 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

Would be surprised if they went rb in round 2 based on this offense.  Thinking jones who they were rumored to love.  They do need a lb more.  They don’t have 6th or 7th round picks, so I’m thinking they trade back a bit in round 2 to recoup.


They could do that in the 4th. 

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1 hour ago, southparkcpa said:

Thank you sir!!!! I went to the Jets bar which here in Charlotte attracted about 35 JETS fans as well as Panther fans so it's loud and hard to hear what's happening.


I wish there was a bar like that here in Sydney! Let's go!!! 

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11 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Honestly, we dont have many weakness at this point.  Id say we need:

- #1 rb, swing tackle, lb, safety and maybe a run stuffing d lineman?



[RB] Breece Hall

[TE] Trey McBride

.... would make this a Randy Marsh day.

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33 minutes ago, T0mShane said:


1. Dump Becton

2. Speed at LB

3. RB

There are still a lot of veteran OT FAs. If the need arises, I could see us paying for relief there.

100% on the rest of you list. I’d add DL, as there are a few very good ones thru round 2. 

Reality is BPA at this point. We can make use of anyone.

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2 hours ago, mrcoops said:


So, we still have an early 2nd, a late 3rd, two 4ths, and a 5th.

Early 2nd = #36 overall

Late 3rd - #101

Round 4 - #111, #117

Round 5 - #146

I expect there'll be some sort of movement from here - the gap from 36 to 101 seems huge, then we have three picks in fairly quick succession. Having said that, if we get a 4th starter / rotational guy at 36 and use the rest for depth I'd have no complaints.

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