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Simms rated Ruckert best TE in Draft


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Sorry, posted this in another thread - but since this was here -  so did Bleacher Report

GRADE: 7.6 (Potential Impact Player - 2nd Round)




Jeremy Ruckert aligned both in-line and split out in Ohio State's offense, and he projects as a three-down Y tight end in the NFL thanks to his blocking ability and overall athleticism. 

Ruckert is a willing blocker who has good play strength to hold his own when blocking edge-defenders from in-line positions. He has a mean streak and loves to try to bury smaller defenders once he gets his hands on them, but his eagerness will cause him to lose technique with his blocks. That's especially the case on blocks working across the formation, when he will go for kill shots that will cause him to miss completely. He also shows the ability to win when asked to pass-set on play-action concepts.

Ruckert is an adequate athlete who is more solid than dynamic in the passing game. He has good hands and catching range and is more than comfortable catching the ball in a crowd or away from his body. He's capable of making spectacular catches at times. 

Ruckert is not an overwhelming athlete, but he can sink and bend enough and understands how to fight for leverage on vertical routes. He also consistently stays friendly to the quarterback when working against zone coverage, knowing to not drift and stay within the throwing lane. However, his route tree is not varied at this point in time because Ohio State's offense prefers to utilize its talented wide receivers.

Overall, Ruckert projects as a Y tight end who can work from in-line positions as a blocker and receiver on running downs and stay on the field for every down. Offensive coordinators may never design plays for him, but they'll be fine if the ball does go his way as a secondary option in concepts. Ruckert's ability to hold his own as a blocker will give him a chance to see the field early in his NFL career, but he will need to continue working on consistency with his technique and play within himself.




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12 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Before we suck his dick for too long he also didn’t have Garrett Wilson in his top 5 WR’s.

you have to know what he is into for it to make sense. when it comes to receives, he always values size, speed, YAC ability and he generally doesn't rank slot type smaller guys high. he didn't like Moore last year and i can see why he didn't like Wilson this year...he also had Alec Pierce 3rd until changing it (because of crazy measurables). He just subscribes to the "you cant teach being an athletic freak" theory for evaluating players.

Marvin Harrison would not have been very high on his list, i guarantee it.


2022 receivers

J Williams, C Watson, Alec Pierce, T Burks, D London

2021 receivers

Chase, D Smith, D Brown, Waddle, Toney, Marshall

2020 receivers

Lamb, Jefferson, Ruggs, KJ Hamler, Tee Higgins



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